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 Video-Tutorial of cPanel

(provisorily in English)



As entering the Control Panel: cPanel

As to create an account of mail POP3

As to create a mail account It takes hold Everything (catch-all)

As creating car-to respond

As creating Subdominio

As to create Pages Propietary Error

As protecting directories with password

Using the Hotlink protection

As to form Follow to me (forwarding) in mail accounts

As changing its password from cPanel

As forming a Cron Job

As to create an additional account FTP

As doing backup of its website

As installing and desinstalar the extensions Frontpage

As maintaining its information of up-to-date contact

As administering its URLs redirected

As creating Base de Datos MySQL

Using File Manager

Using the visualizer of its consumption of Space in Disc

As using the administrator of IPs denied

As parking (Park) a domain

As to add (add-on) another domain to its account

As using the pure administrator of registries

Using the Administrator of Indexes

Becoming familiar with cPanel

As using webmail of cPanel from within

Administering Data bases MySQL with PHPMyAdmin

As trackear directions of post office

Introduction to the use of Fantastic

     Manuals, FTP and Anti-virus


cPanel and WHM
Programs of access to FTP
Panda Antivirus On-Line Free
    He easily cleans of virus his computer with Panda ActiveScan
  • He does not need to have installed any program, to only be connected to Internet and to make a simple click whenever he wishes to clean his computer.
  • He analyzes, he disinfects and he eliminates the virus, worms and Trojans of all the devices of the system, hard disks, compressed files and the totality of his e-mail.
  • Account with a powerful heuristic system able to detect virus still not known.
  • It is updated at least once to the day, reason why it incorporates to each last analysis the virus shortages.

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