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Solutions VPS



Terapower offers Solutions of Lodging VPS (Virtual Deprive Server to you) including cPanel WHM and Virtuozzo on platform Linux CentOS. Ours described engineering equipment in VPSs they estan exclusively dedicated to offer the best experience to him of lodging VPS.

They are VPSs TOTALLY ADMINISTERED by us, we every day realised a Preventive Monitoring the 24 hours of the day without execpcion some. It will always have memory sufficient to execute
efficiently its VPS. We took care of everything so that you can concentrate in the care of his business and its clients, not of his VPS.

Typical Zaphir Diamond
Disc space HD SCSI RAID 10 20 GB 40 GB
Monthly transference 300 GB  500 GB 
RAM Asegurada memory 512 Megabyte  1024 Megabyte 
Burst RAM Ampliable Memory 1024 Megabyte  2048 Megabyte 
Complete access Root If If
Totally Administered If If
Proactive monitoring the 24 hours If If
Control Panel cPanel/WHM, Virtuozzo cPanel/WHM, Virtuozzo
Operating system CentOS 4 Linux CentOS 4 Linux
Free It tells to Reseller Domains eNom eNom
SLA guarantee of Time Online 99,90% 99,90%
Guarantee of Total Restoration 30 Dias 30 Dias
Position by Home Free Free
Monthly cost u$s 75.00 u$s 150.00
  To contract To contract
Domains Limitless Limitless
MySQL Databases Limitless Limitless
Accounts email Limitless Limitless
W/eAccelerator PHP 4&5 If If
Spam Assassin & ClamAV If If
Fantastico & RVskin If If
Directions of IP Including 4 6
Nameservers Private If If
* Optional Services Pricing Install
GeoTrust SSL 129/año 15 (optional)
Premium GeoTrust SSL 179/año 15 (optional)
RapidSSL 45/año 15 (optional)
Extra directions of IP 2/mes -
PSOFT Site Studio 3/mes -
SWsoft Site Builder 4/mes -
Urchin 5 Statistics 3/mes/perfil -
Registry of Names of Domain 15/año -
Clientexec license 10/mes 50 (optional)
License WHM Autopilot 10/mes 50 (optional)




Network and Datacenter


Terapower uses servers Enterprise Class, who are lodged in Data Center AtlantaNAP in Altanta, Georgia the USA covering but with 9,000 meters squared, with connections Gigabit of Savvis, Telia, Global Crossing, and PCCW-BTN.

AtlantaNAP uses an exclusive optimizer of ruteo: “Avaya Route Science route to optimizer” to guarantee the maximum yield of the routing of its VPS versus a normal BGP. Although a BGP seems normal, the Avaya verifies 7,000 times per minute the used route and identifies the problematic areas such as the speed, packetloss, the amount of jumps soon to change of route and thus to guarantee the possible fastest connection for the access and exit of its VPS.

Specifications Servers


The VPS of Terapower estan in Supermicro servers who estan mounted on 2 units of rack and execute Rigid Discs Seagate Cheetah SA-SCSI (SAS) in configuration totally RAID 10 with 64 GB of ram memory ECC buffered and with two power supplies. Hot-Swap drives, ventilators, and PSU which means uninterrupted service during possible replacements of hardware.

Virtualization Technology


Each VPS uses “Technology of Virtualization” Virtuozzo that is a software of SWsoft creating virtual surroundings in an only servant so that its VPS this isolated one and using its own system of resources adapted for any application I/O.


* It reads our Legal Agreement for VPSs from here.

* It especially needs some Configuration? Contact to us here.



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