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Resellers Linux Extra!



With Resellers Extra! it will have the possibility of offering to its clients our Technical Support in totally anonymous form and is transparent and Free!


As thus also, ClientExec Billing Software, and accounts in eNom and GeoTRUST everything absolutely Free!

   Characteristics Gold Extra Platinum Extra
Disc space c RAID 10 Gb 16 Gb
Monthly transference 200 Gb 320 Gb
Amount of Domains/Sites limitless limitless
100% Own Identity If If
Allowed overbooking  If If
Free Software de Facturación ClientExec ClientExec
Free It tells to Reseller Domains   eNom eNom
Free Reseller SSL Counts GeoTRUST GeoTRUST
Free Support to the End user If If
Tutorial in Video If If
Clustered Failover Technology If If
Technical support 24 xs 7 24 xs 7
Credit Yahoo! Search Marketing u$s 50 Free u$s 50 Free
Position by Home 43 43
Guarantee of Total Restoration 30 Days 30 Days
Monthly cost u$s 75 u$s 95
To contract To contract
   Servant of Email    
Accounts of Email POP3 limitless limitless
Webmail Horde Squirrel Roundcube If If
Forwarding If If
Autorespondedores If If
Email Catch All If If
Lists for Mailing If If
Filters for Email If If
Box Trapper If If
You would ally for Email If If
Spam Assassin If If
ClamAV anti-virus If If
Filters Anti Spam If If
Protection Anti Spam If If
Accounts cPanel 200 320
Lodged domains limitless limitless
Sub Domains limitless limitless
Parkeo de Dominios limitless limitless
Dedicated directions of IP If If
Propietary Nameservers If If
Perl If If
5,3 PHP 5,2 & c/Zend & eAccelerator If If
Python If If
Imagemagick w/GD If If
Server Side Includes If If
Extensions of Frontpage If If
   Data bases    
MySQL 5.0 limitless limitless
phpMyAdmin If If
osCommerce Cart Shopping If If
Zen Shopping Cart If If
CubeCart Cart Shopping If If
Certificates Shared SSL Free Free
Certificates Deprive SSL to you Optional Optional
   Statistics Web    
AWstats If If
Urchin 5 Stats Optional Optional
Raw Logs Access If If
Measurer of Bandwidth If If
Real Audio /Video If If
Shockwave/Flash If If
Windows Media If If
FFmpeg If If
   Control of its Sites    
Accounts FTP and 24x7 limitless limitless
FTP Anonymous If If
Last Control Panel cPanel/WHM cPanel/WHM
RVSkins If If
Administrator Archives Web If If
   Scripts Settled    
Cgi-Center If If
Fantastic De Luxe NEW! If If
Website Builder  If If
Miles de Plantillas Web *       Optional        Optional
   Optiones Advanzadas    
SSH (Jailed Shell) To order To order
To review DNS To order To order
Customized pages Error If If
Cron Jobs If If
Protected directories Pass If If
Redirection of URL If If
Handlers apache If If
Hot protection Link If If
Backups Daily /Semanales If If
   Technical support    
Telephone support VoIP If If
Mesa de Ayuda 24x7 24x7
Chat live 24x7 24x7
Technical support via Tickets If If
Support to the End user (in groins) 24x7 24x7
MSN ICQ YIM Skype 24x7 24x7
Knowledge base If If
CPU Intel
Core ™i7
Ram memory (Minimum) 64 GB
Operating systems RH and Linux CentOS
   It dates Centers (NOC) ThePlanet, Dallas, Texas         NAC, Parsipanny, New Jersey * Optional Services
Cost  Setup position Rapid SSL
u$s 45 /a no  Free GeoTrust SSL from
u$s 159 /a no  Free Dedicated directions of IP
u$s 3 /mes  - Tutorial video Own
u$s 65 once   - SiteStudio Web Builder
u$s 3 /mes  - Registry of Domain from
  • u$s 12,50 /a no
  • -


It asks for its Special Plan here to satisfy specific requirements.






Home? It presses here.      Terapower Provee to the Reseller:


·      Technical infrastructure of World-Class Data Centers.



·      The Most recent and Powerful Servers.












Well informed expert Technical support and.      Responsibility of the Reseller:



·      To administer and To invoice to its Clients.





The 2 Cores Pair Dedicated Server        



To manage its Relation with them.

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