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Qualified overbooking


To allow the Overbooking is to add the True Consumption of Space in Disc and Transference between All the accounts of its Reseller Plan and not what you. it has offered nominally.

For example, if Gb of space and 50 contracted a Gold Plan of 5 Gb of transference and decided to offer to its clients plans of 1 Gb of space and 10 Gb of transference in its site, nominally you. it could only sell them to 5 clients.

With Qualified Overbooking you. it will be able to sell so many plans as it wants, while the Suma Total of really USED by its clients does not surpass the numbers that you. it contracted with Terapower, that is to say not but of 5 Gb of space and/or 50 Gb of transference.

Our team of System adiniatrators controls close by well that our Servers do not desbalanceen themselves. And we warned with time sufficient, and without sacrificing yield, the moment in which you. it must extend his Plan.

Thus we awarded it, we congratulated and we accompanied it in its Success.

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