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Glossary of Frequent Terms


Lodging Web

Also call hosting. In order to have a website in Internet, available for the everybody 24 hours of the day, it must be lodged in a servant permanently connected to the Network, with the majors guarantees.

TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. it offers to his clients his servers for such aim.



The amount of information that can be sent through a connection. One is moderate normally in bps (bps). A complete text page has approximately 16,000 bits.



Small program written in JAVA that is executed in Internet. It allows, for example, to reproduce animation sequences or to execute functions of spreadsheet.



Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. North American military network through telephone lines, of which later derived Internet.



American Standard for Code Information Interchange. It is the standard code of the set of characters that any computer can understand; it is used to represent the Latin, capital, very small letters, numbers, score, etc.


It catches everything

Well-known in English as “catch-all”, it is a mail account that receives all the email that has not been sent to any direction previously formed, reason why, of this form, any email directed to the corresponding domain is not lost.



A autorespondedor or autoresponder is an email direction of which when somebody writes to him, automatically answers to him, sending an email with predefined information by the owner of the account. To see “Answering machines”


Data base MySQL

The data base more used in Linux surroundings and with programming PHP. It allows, for example, from the creation of any system of registry of users, to the functionalities more outposts of a website project.



Bulletin Board System. System that allows the users to take to end discussions, to load and to unload archives, to make announcements, without being connected the computer simultaneously. There are million BBS around the world, the majority is very small and they are executed in a simple clónico PC through one or two telephone lines.



Acronym of bps. It is the standard gauge of the speed of data transmission through a modem.


Bounce (Bounce)

Return of a message of e-mail due to problems to give it to its adressee.


Bookmark (Brand)

Annotation of a direction WWW or URL that is filed in the navigator for its later use.


Browser (Seeking)

Also navigating call. Program that is used to see webpages. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer, are two otherwise used at present.



Local storage and temporary of information in browser (navigator. One of its functions is to reduce to the consumption and response time of bandwidth of network, in future equivalent demands.


Change of passwords

Option of the Control Panel that allows the change of passwords of the corresponding account of TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. at any time and in real time.


Shopping cart

Program used for the creation of virtual stores. By means of this one system and with some minimum knowledge of programming, any client of TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. a solution of electronic commerce in its website can implement.


Datacenter - Data Center - NOC

It is a place perfectly equipped to lodge thousands of servers, with temperature and humidity constant, high levels of security and restriction of entrance, and connected to Internet by means of multiple world-wide operators of telecommunications.



Common Gateway Interface. Used program to make calls to routines or to control other programs or data bases from a webpage. Also they can generate HTML directly.

They are used to complement the HTML (language to create webpages) to make a more interactive and functional website. Thanks to the CGIs as practical utilities can be programmed as the accountants, books of visits, forms of order and many others.

TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. it offers with all the plans a bookstore of CGIs so that our clients can use them in their Web sites freely.



This functionality, easily configurable from the Control Panel, allows the clients of TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. to install one complete room of chat or conversation online in its website, so that their visitors can speak among them.



This term describes the great variety of resources of information available through the networks of computers.


Client of mail

It is an application, a program, that settles in its computer and it allows him to receive, to send and to organize his emails. Most habitual they are Outlook and Eudora.



Functionality including in all the plans of TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. by means of which an accountant of visits can be put in his website, visible for all the public.


Coldfusion - Coldfusion is a language of script or a programming language Web that is executed in a servant and gives back an answer to a client in format HTML.


Answering machines

They send auto answers by email by each message that arrives at a specific direction of email. Each direction of email can have a specific car-responder. An example can be that when writing to sales@suempresa.com, to that has written arrives to him at replaced moment one as: “Thanks to contact itself with ‘suempresa’ shortly we will take care of its sollicitud”.


Dedicated servers

When a client requires the greater privacy, security, capacity of data and rapidity for his project of website, along with the freedom of the total control on the same to be able to install the applications that need, contract in TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. a dedicated servant. It consists of dedicating a complete servant only to a client. The advantages against “the normal” plans of hosting are many, but its price is much greater.



System of denomination of Hosts in Internet. The domains go separated by a point and hierarchically they are organized of right to left. ex: altavista.com

A domain is its Internet address. To acquire a domain is to have the right to use that direction, exclusively and for everybody. A domain is, for example, rollnzoom.com, google.com, or yahoo.net.



Literally “To lower Load”. One talks about to the act to transfer (you) a file (s) from a servant to our computer. In Spanish: “to lower a program “.


E-Commerce - The Web servers who support this characteristic offer the necessary service so that his by interval he can offer to services of purchase/sale through Internet. 



Link. Connection to another document Web, by means of direction URL. The connections appear in the text of a document Web in the form of text underlining and of different color. They allow the user to press the button of the mouse on this text and automatically to jump to another document, or another servant, or to connect to another part of the same document.


Disc space

All that with its website is stored in the hard disk of a servant of TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP.: archives HTML, images, scripts, archives multimedia, emails, etc. Following the plan of hosting, will have space more or less.


Statistics - They are the graphical and organized representation of the visits that a site in Internet has had.


Extensions Frontpage

The extensions of Frontpage are programs cgi that give functionality to Frontpage. Frontpage communicates with the extensions via HTTP using a “call of remote procedure” (RPC). When the servant simply sees the request “POST” directed to the extensions of Frontpage redirige the request appropriate program cgi.


Statistics of bandwidth

They are the statistics of transference of his website. Thus it will be able to see how the transference goes and to observe if its volume of visits can do surpasses the contracted maximum of monthly transference of your account.


Statistics of visits

TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. it offers in his panel statistical detailed of the visits, pages, origin of the visitors, and many other data more. This service is gratuitous and it is included in all the plans.



One of the programs of e-mail more used by users of Windows and Macintosh. He is available through shareware.


To explore

To explore the Web doing click in the links (I connect).



Frecuently Asked Question. The FAQs of a system are archives with the habitual questions and answers but on the same.


Filters anti-Spam

It is a function, including in all the packages of TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP., that allows that any email nonwished does not arrive to him, by means of a simple configuration.



Set of fields (spaces) to introduce data in a webpage. A form allows the users to write information (that it is sent pressing on a button or image) that is received in a computer to be processed.



The discussion forums allow the visitors of a website to interact among them writing and answering the messages that go away including in the same.



By means of this functionality, it can put in your website some squares in which their visitors can write and make him arrive diverse data as commentaries, suggestions or even requested.



File Transfer Protocol. Method very common to transfer one or more files from a computer to another one. FTP is specific means of connection of a site Internet to load and to unload files. It is used to raise, to lower and to modify updating his website or its elements between his website and the servers of TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. It has limitless access to your account 24 hours to the day, 365 days of the year, so that it can modify or maintain his website at any moment. A client FTP can use, as CuteFTP, Leech, etc.


Anonymous FTP

File Transfer Protocol. Protocol for the transference of archives between computers. Pages FTP are used mainly so that the users can ‘lower’ to programs or information from the sites of Internet to their equipment. Also it allows the visitors to raise and to lower specific files (documents, folders, etc.) of diverse directories without needing putting names of user nor passwords.



Literally “Fire Wall”. One is any program that it protects to a network of another network.


Frame (frame)

In Browsers de WWW as Netscape talks about to a structure of sub-windows within a document HTML.



Is called thus to the one, that is to say, public domain software that is not commercial and can be distributed free of charge.



Graphics Interchange Format. Graphical format very tablet that produces very small archives. This reduces to the minimum its transfer time by the common lines of telephone. He is ideal for the Web, where it is required that the pages load quickly.


Animated GIF

A file that contains a series of images GIF that are as a fast sequence in the navigator, which produces the animation effect.


Group of discussion

Website (or it leaves from a site) that allows interactive discussions. The users send their questions and answers by means of forms.


Hit song

Literally “blow”. It is used to talk about to whenever a link is pressed in a webpage.



Expert in able computer science of entering systems whose access is restricted.


Style sheet in cascade

Syntax in language HTML that offers precise control on the format of the text in the webpages.



Literally host. In Internet, he is called thus to a computer connected to the network, that has its own number IP and name of domain, and that serves information through WWW.



It is the language that is used to design the pages of the Web. There are different versions of HTML (2,0, 3,0, 3,1, 3,2, 4,0, etc.), more and more complex, that are incorporating gradually to the new versions of the navigators.



The great collection of interconnected networks that use protocol TCP/IP and that evolved of ARPANet at the end of the 60 and principles of the 70. Internet connects at the present time to 60,000 independent networks within the global global network.



They are thus called to the networks Internet type but that is of internal use, for example, the corporative network of a company.



Internet Relay Chat. System for multiuser text transmission through a servant IRC. Used normally to talk ‘in line’.



Programming language (created by Sun Microsystems) that allows to create programs that work in any type of computer and operating system.


Java Script

Language derived from Java, but with much more simple instructions.



Join Photograph Expert Group. Graphical format that secures high ratios of compression.



Java Server Pages. this type of technology allows us to mix tags of static HTML with spawned tags HTML, the dynamic part is written in Java, allows the use of servlets.


Book of Visits

It is the way to allow the visitors of a website to describe his impressions, commentaries and suggestions on the same, so that they are accessible to the later visitors for his reading.


Link (It connects)

 Site that to the pressed being allows the user to move within the same page or to go to one located elsewhere of Internet. Normally it is of a color different from the text, generally blue, and when placing the cursor exceeds he appears a ‘hand’.



Shareware version of the well-known operating system Unix. It is a multiuser system multitask of 32 bits for PC. She is one of the platform that uses TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. in its servers. The servers can be used with operating systems as Windows, Solaris and others.


Lists of mail

To see “News”



Name that is used to accede to a system of computers; when he is secret, password is called (key).



Sector of a webpage that shows a text message that moves horizontally.



Multipurpouse Internet Extensions Mail. Extensions of the protocol of Internet mail that allow to include additional information to the simple text.



Device that adapts the DS for its transmission through an analogical line, normally telephone.



mSQL is a powerful database engine designed for supplier of fast access to data with low requirements of memory.



A data base. TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP.  It offers in his plans of hosting, several or limitless data bases MySQL.






It labels of the Network. Common forms and uses for the use of the services of Internet. The education of the users of Internet could be called.



It is to browser (navigator) and the name of a company.


News or Newsletter

List of electronic directions used to distribute messages to a group of people. Generally, a distribution list is used to discuss about a certain subject, establishing private forums of discussion. When one of the participants sends a message to the list, this one resends a copy of the same to the rest of users of the list (new recruits in her).



Name or pseudonym that an IRC user uses.



By definition point where they converge but of two lines. Sometimes one talks about to an only machine in Internet.



(Open Connectivity Database) it is a program of interface of applications (API) to accede to data in systems managers of as as much nonrelational relational data bases, using for it SQL (SQL).


Customized pages of error

When an internaut keys an incomplete or incorrect URL, she leaves a page to him error provided by the own navigator. By means of this functionality, if somebody keyed, for example, rollnzoom.com/contactooo.htm, instead of rollnzoom.com/contacto.htm, would arrive at a page of error created by rollnzoom.com for such effect.


Main page (Home Page)

It is the main page of a website. It generally contains a main menu or a table of content with hyperbonds to other pages of the site.



Any document that can be seen in the Web. A website consists of one or several pages.


Control Panel

We call thus to the panel who offers TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP. to its clients, by means of which any aspect regarding his can be controlled and be formed hosting, at any time and in real time.



It is a programming language very used to construct applications cgi for the Web. Perl is an acronym of Practical Extracting and Reporting Languaje, that comes to indicate that practitioner to extract information of text files is a programming language very and to generate information from the contended one of the files.



It is the acronym of Hipertext Preprocesor. It is a programming language of the side of the gratuitous and independent servant of platform, fast, with a great bookstore of functions and much documentation.



Python is an interpretive language, allows to write very compact and legible programs.


POP3 (mail accounts)

Post Office Protocol (Protocol of Post office). Protocol to store and to receive e-mail.

They are the email mailboxes to which it can accede to see his messages by means of programs of mail such as Outlook, Eudora or similars, and also via Web by means of the corresponding panel. Each account POP3 you have its own password to maintain the privacy of the mail.


Protection of directories by means of password

Thanks to this function of the Control Panel, you. it will be able to create areas of his website that are only accessible by password, for you. or for who you. it creates advisable.



Instruction set that allows the communication between computers.


Transfer protocol of Hipertexto (HTTP)

Protocol that provides to a connected equipment a servant, the hypertext information that exists in Internet.


Internet service provider

Company that provides access to Internet by means of a service of subscription.


Protocol of Control of Transmission/Protocolo Internet (TCP/IP)

Set of communication protocols that allow the equipment to communicate to each other, creating in this way to Internet.


To publish

To place the pages of a website in a Web server. In addition to the main page (homepage), the remaining pages and the related files must go (with images, elements multimedia, applet, etc.).



Net Group of computers and other peripheral devices connected some to others to communicate and to transmit data among them.


email Re-address

With this service, you. it can have a personal email, with the name that chooses, with his own domain. It only must form the domain by means of the Control Panel so that emails that arrives at your domain is redirijan to your habitual email.


Re-address Web

Thanks to the re-address, the service of registry of domains of TERAPOWER INNOVATION, CORP., you. it can have a domain that aims at a Web that already it has created, for example, somewhere gratuitous. When an internaut keys your domain in the navigator, in fact she arrives at where you. he wants, but it sees in the bar of directions only its domain. Also he can redirect his domain to another website with own domain or to where he wants.



Script is a type of program that consists of a series of instructions that will be used on the other application.


Sequences of commandos

Similar programs to the applet but written in VBScript or Javascript, the versions of Java de Microsoft and Netscape, respectively.



Computer that administers the resources in a network of computers.


Web server

Servant dedicated to the publication of webpages.


Personal Web server

Program that settles in a PC and allows him to act as a servant to publish websites; of that form, it is possible to monitor the operation of a site before publishing it in a servant of connected public access to Internet.



Software protected by laws that are free of charge available during certain time for their evaluation by the user. Passed the same, or the program expires (or some services work to him only) and will not be able to return to be used, unless the user registers it by a price, or continues working normally, being to discretion of the user to pay or not its registry.


Smiley (caritas)

They are the gestures of the corporal language through the network (generally in e-mail messages), symbolized in likeable caritas that express the feeling of the author. For example, moving the head downwards and turning it 90º to the left, one can be seen carita smiling in: -) Greater information in E-mail.



They are the abbreviations of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Simple Protocol of Transference of Email). It is a protocol that allows to transfer messages of e-mail from a servant to another one. It is used to send messages, and to receive them, protocol POP3 is used. It is for that reason that is two habitual parameters when forming the email in a mail program.



It is thus called to the “bombing” with e-mail, that is to say, to send to great amounts of mail or very long messages, not solicitd. Greater information in What it is the Spam.


Spider (Robot-Web)

Program that automatically crosses the WWW gathering webpages and visiting the links that these contain. It is the mechanism that uses AltaVista to annex pages.



Client/server is a RDBMS (RDBMS) that uses “TRANSACT-SQL” to send consultations between a client and servant SQL SERVER.



It is a method that assures that the information that occurs in a website travels encriptada, reason why it is not possible to be intercepted in the way. Usually it is used when giving information on credit cards. Secure Socket Layer. Protocol developed by Netscape to give security to the data transmission in commercial transactions in Internet. SSL provides authentication with the servant, encryption of data, and integrity of the data in the communications client/server.


Streaming de Audio & Video

The technology of streaming is used to lighten the unloading and audio execution of and video in the Web, since it allows to listen to and to visualize the archives while they are unloading.



It is a domain leaves from a longer domain. For example, in correo.rollnzoom.com, the subdomain would be “mail”. Actually, it is the form to give to access to a section of a website keying a variation of the domain, that is to say, keying correo.rollnzoom.com, would be possible to be arrived at the located folder, in fact, in rollnzoom.com/correo.



(Tool Language Command) it is used by more than half million developer worldwide and has gotten to be a critical component in thousands of corporations. It has a simple and programmable syntax that it can be used as a solitary or absorbed application in application programs. The best thing of everything, Tcl is of open source (open source) reason why is completely free.



It is a program that allows to accede to distant computers in Internet to which access is had. Once it has been acceded to a distant system, the same functions can be unloaded files and be realised that if directly it had been connected to the distant computer.


Monthly transference of data

Whenever a visitor accedes to a page of his website, to an image, a video, a sound or any other element of a website, it is happening a data transfer from the servant to the computer of the internaut. If we joined all the transference brought about by all the visitors of a Web in a month, we have the monthly transference. Each plan of hosting comes with a monthly maximum including in the price that usually is, in the majority of the cases, than more sufficient. Supposing that this one maximum is going to surpass itself, in advance will be notified it.



It is the direction of a webpage. They are the initials of Universal Resource Locator (Universal Localizer of Resources). Directions URL of the websites begin with http://. This direction always appears in the picture Direction of browser that it is using. If it knows the direction a page of which wishes to go, can write it in the picture and press ENTER.



Abbreviations of Wireless Application Protocol (Protocol for Wireless Applications). It is a specification to allow the provision of information to devices as PDAs or mobiles. The programming language used habitually for WAP is WML.



Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition, the most recent member of the family of programming languages Visual Basic, provides an active automatization to an ample variety of surroundings, including the sequences of commandos of the client of Web in Microsoft Internet Explorer and the sequences of commandos of the servant of Web in Microsoft Internet Information Server.



It consists of a usable email by means of the Web, instead of by means of clients of mail as Eudora, Outlook or others. They are emails as Yahoo, Hotmail or Mixmail. Its advantage is the one of being able to consult it from any computer, without having to form no program. Webmail is a technology that allows to accede to an account of E-mail (E-mail) through a navigator of Internet, of this form will be able to accede to its post-office box from any computer of the world.



World-wide data base in which they appear the domains registered along with the data of his holders. When you. it registers a domain, his data as owner of the domain is accessible to everybody. The WHOIS is used as much to know if a domain is free as to know who is the holder, in case it is occupied.


But questions?

If some concept has been without clarifying, contact to us with your consultation here and we will respond to him as soon as possible.



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