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Guarantee Total Restoration by 30 Days


All our Plans of Hosting Linux have a Guarantee of Total Restoration of Importe phelp by 30 Days. If for any reason You are not satisfied with our service asks for the Form of Cancellation within the 30 days of to have asked for the service and the total of the amount phelp without no discount will return to him administrative. For our Plans of Hosting Windows there is a nonrefundable position of USD 6,00 of H-Sphere

Without annoyances and making questions: Total restoration for Hosting Linux.

Our restoration is not applicable to optional services as: Registry of Domains, Certificates SSL, etc. One does not return bottoms to accounts that have been suspended and/or cancelled due to violations of our Terms on watch and/or our Policies of Acceptable Use.

It will have to complete the Form of Cancellation to be able to make effective his cancellation, without exception. Such orders are process within the 72 subsequent hours to their real reception.

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