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Frequent questions

On our Services of Lodging Web (Hosting) and Registry of Domains

What is hosting that is lodging Web?

There hosting is the service to give to the client a space in some servers with permanent and trustworthy connections to Internet, to place its Website and that is accessible to any internaut of any part of the world.

What is a domain?

A domain is its Internet address. To acquire a domain is to have the right to use that direction, exclusively and for everybody. A domain is, for example, rollnzoom.com, or google.com, or juanperez.net.

Which is the difference between hosting and domain?

Hosting is a space for its website in a servant. Hosting without own domain can be had, as by ex.: www.domnio.com/sunombre/susitio, although is not for anything professional. The domain is the direction of its website in Internet, something easy to remember so that the internauts key it in the explorer (navigator) and accede to their website. It can have all the domains that want without having hosting, to only avoid that nobody plus has them, or to use it with services of re-address Web and mail.

How much it takes in registering a domain?

Immediately after receiving its request the registry of the domain is realised. From that moment it will be necessary to wait for between some 24a 48 hours so that this one is recognized by all the Internet network. As of that moment already he will be available.

How much it costs to transfer a name of domain to his servers?

The delegation of domains .com/.net/.org/.com to.ar, etc, to our servers does not have any cost. It only must ask for the data to us of our servant of names (DNS's) to be able to realise it.

As soon as time activate does a Lodging Web in rollnzoom.com?

Immediately, after to have received the confirmation of his payment, You will receive an e-mail (email) with the data of his account, name of user, password of access to: FTP, Control Panel, Administrative Area, etc. and all the necessary Instructions of Access, keep this email in a safe place, and already begin to use the service.

I can update my pages whenever it wants?

You have limitless access via FTP the 24 hours of the day. Thus, he can create and maintain his website from his computer and send the folders, archives, images, etc. to his space when but he wishes it.

Which is the schedule of the technical support?

Our Technical Support is available the 24 hours of the day the 7 days of the week, if exception. It can contact to us via:

  • Ticket on watch

  • E-mail

  • Chat online

  • Instantaneous messages: MSN - ICQ - Yahoo (with voice) - Skype (with voice)

I can change of plan of Lodging Web?

So many times as it needs it, and without cost some. He is immediate. It only sends his request to customer_care@rollnzoom.com.

I can realise a gratuitous test and without purchase commitment?

Clear that if. It is the best way to prove our services, subscribes here. and it already begins to use them. If still it does not have a domain, we will facilitate one provisional one to him so that you can become familiar with the operation of the Control Panel and test that considers necessary.

What Data bases I can use?

On will be able to work with Data bases MySql and the database administrator line phpmyadmin.

I can provide with accomodations domains with extensions .com type to.ar, .cl, .es, etc?

If, indeed. We offer the Registry of International Domains TLD: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc. and Nationals: Mexico and Argentina, but you. it can provide with accomodations any type of domain.

In the tariff of the service of Lodging Web it is already including the domain?

No, the prices of hosting do not include the domain. You can contract the domain with us or with any other company, she can transfer a domain that already she owns, etc. By all means we we facilitated the necessary data to him so that she transfers our servers.

I can register a domain without lodging it with you?

If, it is possible to only register the domain, the space Web or both possibilities simultaneously.

What is the guarantee of return of the money?

If completely it is not satisfied with the service that has offered him rollnzoom.com, it can ask for the cancellation of the service during the first month, and we will give back completely your money to him, as long as you. it has respected our Terms of Uso of the Service.

Do You put publicity (banners, etc.) in my lodged website?

No. Their Web and its space are only his.

I can accede domain with or without “www”?

Yes. For example, it can see that keying so much: rollnzoom.com as www.rollnzoom.com, is arrived at our website.

If it has but questions to do, contact to us here. We will respond to the brevity.


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