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Support Our Direct one to its Clients


You sell to them, we we give the Technical Support them (in English). The same quality of Support that you. it comes receiving for his Resellers account Extra! , and that as client would hope to receive, is the one that we offer to him Free now for its clients. Our team of expert technicians the 24 hours of the day, every day of the week are available, without exception to respond, in anonymous form and is transparent, all question of support of their clients.

How it works?

You provide us with an email direction (ex support@sudominio.com) that we will use to respond to their clients. They send their consultations to support@sudominio.com that forwardea to our Mesa de Ayuda. Our technicians respond them from that one direction of email, seeming that somebody of its company has done it!

How long he takes his Home?
We can activate it in a single step and can be fact the same day of his request. We hardly receive its chosen email address we will indicate to him as activating it in his cPanel so that the consultations arrive at our Mesa de Ayuda. That simple!

How I begin?

It subscribes some of our Resellers Plans Extra! and send an email to us to begin the activation, Will be ready before the day finishes.

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