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Terapower Innovation Corp.


In Terapower Innovation, Corp. we fulfill with our objective To take care of the Client and to give Services from Lodging to Websites, fast access to Internet, but a safe and reliable endorsement.

Its Presencia in Internet is the important piece but of the relation between its Image, Projects and Productivity. In Terapower Innovation, Corp. we know as obtaining it and taking care of it.

We understand to our clients as true Partners of Businesses, and as much they are Particular, Designers or Companies, all wish an Honest and Reliable Service.   Real support when one but needs it, and a provable and agreed Technological Endorsement to its exigencies.

As much the information of the Company, as the state, data and statistics of Uptime of our Servers, who being audited by third parties, are of free access in our site. In Terapower Innovation, Corp. we do not have anything to hide.

Although our Servers are in the United States, we spoke his own language and is our commitment not only to offer, but also to honor the Excellence of the Service.

We strived in providing a reliable Network buying equipment and software with brands such as: Dell, HP, Intel, Cisco, Juniper, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Our Network intelligently is integrated and is superfluous with the 10 better suppliers of Basic Structure of Level One (Tier One Backbone) with “uplink” of 1 Gbps or major, such as: AboveNet, AT&T, Broadwing, Global Crossing, Level3, to nLayer, Sprint, Time Warner, UUNET, and Verio. If by some and remote time some of them would fail, automatically, another one of would replace it to them.

Our Network is monitored, without exception, the 24 hours of the day, the 7 days of the week, by own personnel in our Company and an outer service of monitoring. The availability of our servers periodically reviews every 3 minutes and from several places within the United States. Before the eventuality that was a failure, we would be alerted very instantaneously, our technicians will become position of the subject with such speed that you. nor the notary's office. It is necessary not to hope to us to that a usuary one reports a failure, already we would know it beforehand.

If it wishes but information on our Network, it presses here.

Attention to the Client and Technical Support
As much our equipment of Taken care of the Client, as the one of Technical Support, wishes to take care of it. Highly we are motivated, we trained and updated, to know how how to solve any restlessness that can arise. And it jeopardize to give him to service through Instantaneous Messages or VoIP the 24 hours of the day. Their questions always will be responded, is the what outside hour of the day.

Terapower Innovation, Corp.

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