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     Registry of Domains


It is necessary to have a Name of Registered and Effective Domain to be able To provide with accomodations a Site.

If not yet it owns one, and it can Contract to his 17*por Registry with us u$s a year; one chooses to verify its Availability. It remembers that with each Domain registered in Terapower you receive INCLUDING Protection of Identity Without Position (whose value of market is of u$s 10)  


Protection of Identity

Know did you who the present regulation of ICANN forces it to that their personal data appear publicly in listings WHOIS? This means that its private information: Name, Last name, Direction and email are at sight and disposition of any person who consults the property of her domain the 24 hours of the day the 365 days of the year.

Now you can protect yourself changing that private information on the other listed through our service of Protection of Identity “YOU DO NOT GO Protection” that this or including Free with each registry of domain or transference that does with Terapower.
What is Protection of Identity?
Protection of Identity avoids that its personal information that is exposed in the listings and Data bases of the WHOIS protecting it of the Spam, Robberies of Identity, Miners Data, Kidnappers of Names and even more since changes its Information Publishes by Not-List and Privada.

How it is that it protects his Private Information?
Its information of private contact this already not exhibited. One stays privily and it is protégée by a Service of Protection of the Privacy of his Domain “Domain Privacy Protection Service”. Replacing its information of the contact by the one of this prestigious organization that if hers is exhibited in place, providing it with the high level of protection against spammers and thefts of the identity.
You retain the complete control
He conserves the complete legal property on his Name of Domain, he administers it and he controls it. He can sell, renew, transfer and realise modifications to his domain just as before but now protected.

He verifies the Availability of the Name of Domain that wants to choose here:  Check!
      Table of Prices:


1 Year

2 Years 




















 * It reads our Legal Agreement for Domains from here.

 * Every subsequent year begins from 22

 * the tariffs by registries of domains are not refundable

 * Prices expressed in American Dollars


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