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Registry of Domains in Argentina


At the moment the Registries of Domains in the Argentine Republic have an annual use and are absolutely Gratuitous.


It visits the Webpage of NICAr pressing here.


To have a Domain with completion to.ar it identifies to you with Argentina.

The domains with completion to.ar allow that your name or the one of your company in Internet is related directly to Argentina.

Additionally they have other benefits, they appear positioned better in the web search engines for terms related to Argentine sites and have one much greater availability of names compared with his generic counterparts .com, .net and .org.


Protegé your personal name or the one of your company and obtains an identifier easy to remember to use it in Internet.

You will be able to use it to have presence in Internet and to promote themselves or to promote to your company at world-wide level, since when having a page in Internet, your page can be acceded from any part of the world. 

Example: www.nombredetunegocio.com.ar

Also you will be able to use it for your email addresses.
Example: minombre@nombredetunegocio.com.ar

Terapower offers the possibility to you of realising the proceeding of the registry.

Ask for pressing here it. Also we will be able to support you in all the situations related to your name of domain:

• Transference of domains from another supplier.
• Disputes and other proceedings before NICAr.
• Support for registry of domains restricted as .org to.ar, .gov to.ar, to.mil.ar.

Requirements for registry

It is recommended to read letter completely and
Effective norm in the webpage of NICAr.


The registrantes in .com to.ar, .net to.ar and .org to.ar will have to provide to the number of the National identity card or the number of C.U.I.T or number of C.U.I.L., if it were natural people. The legal people will have to provide the number of C.U.I.T. In case of being requests of legal natural people or who do not reside in the Argentine Republic, these will have to provide the number of their tributary identification or identity card of the residence country.


For those who wish the following completions will have to fulfill:
 .net to.ar - This domain is exclusive for Internet service providers (ISP by its abbreviations in English) the registrante organization must be a ISP with license of the CNC to serve of value added and registered in the SeCom.
 .org to.ar - they only can be registered by registered nonlucrative organizations as Civil Association, Religious Associations and Political Parties.
 In case of being natural people a letter will be due to send indicating that they will realise nonlucrative activities mainly.
In order to register a name of domain under the subdomains .gov to.ar or to.mil.ar, in addition to the form corresponding Web, the shipment of the request by note is required. This note will have to be written up in paper with letterhead of the organization that registers the domain to its favor, and to count on the original signature and the clarifying seal of the civil servant responsible for the same. It will have to be directed to NIC Argentina and to give itself personally or by email.


The requirements previously listed are those that NICAr establishes that is the authority in charge to control the domains to.ar


IMPORTANT: the ownership and property of the domain are assigned and been to name yours.

Verificá the Availability of the Name that you want to choose here: Check!

Registrá a Domain to.ar and will asegurá your presence in Internet.


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