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 Dedicated servers Administered Linux


Our dedicated servers totally administered are perfect for any tanaño of company. With his high performance, superfluous and totally reliable they beside the point satisfy any requirement with critical situation. We are the 24 hours here to administer, to maintain, and to assure its servant so that you can take care to continue making businesses and/or serving his.

   Main typical


CPU P4 3.2GHz Dual 2,4 Xeon Dual 2,4 Xeon Dual 3,0 Xeon
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Rigid discs 2 xs 160GB 2 xs 160GB  2 xs 250GB 3 xs 250GB c/Rhelp1
Directions IP 5 IPs 5 IPs 5 IPs 5 IPs
Operating system CentOS Linux CentOS Linux CentOS Linux CentOS Linux
It dates Transfer  2000 GB 2000 GB 2000 GB 2000 GB
Cost Monthly u$s 315 u$s 375 u$s 445 u$s 525
Setup a single time u$s 100 u$s 150 u$s 150 u$s 200


To contract

To contract

To contract

To contract

Typical of the Servant

Security and Administration
• cPanel/WHM with Fantastic Including • Proactive monitoring the 24 hours
• Access root - 100% Administered • Constant updates of the Kernel
• Server apache, PHP, Perl, Python, cgi • Updates of the Control Panel & UNDER
• Microsoft ®Frontpage
• Continuous Patches de Seguridad

• MySQL/PostgreSQL Servant Data bases

• SSH/FTP/Servant of emails Network
• Fast 100 Mbps Speed of Puerto • Datacenter 25.000 square feet
• Spam Assassin & Clam Anti-Virus • Conecciones Multiple GigE Backbone
• Backups Daily • Switches and Routers Cisco
• Rebooteos Free the 24 hours  


• Backup with UPS and Generadores Diesel

• Technical support the 24 hours * It sees our conditions of services here.


* Windows Needs Servers Administered under Operating system

it makes click here.


It needs a special configuration, or it wants to ask something to us but?

Please contact to us here.

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