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It compares our Plans of Lodging for his Sites, and if still it needs help to be able to decide, it can ask for pressing here it.


Space 200 Megabyte

It dates Transfer 3 Gb


Plan designed for sites that begin. This is the most popular option for those than they want to register his domain and for small websites.


to see but


u$s 2

for Month


u$s 24 Annual


Space 500 Megabyte

Data Transfer 7.5Gb


Balanced, flexible and very powerful to act its as, this plan is perfect for small businesses, social associations, and other groups.


to see but


u$s 5

for Month


u$s 55 Annual


Space   1 Gb

It dates Transfer 15 Gb


A system with many capacities and sufficiently powerful to cover the needs required by commercial sites.

to see but


u$s 10

for Month


u$s 110 Annual


Space   2 Gb

It dates Transfer 30 Gb


It provides sufficient space with disc and capacity of data transfer simultaneously to handle to the most active sites or several sites.

to see but


u$s 20

for Month


u$s 220 Annual


Space   5 Gb

It dates Transfer 75 Gb


Used by sites of high traffic and with ample data bases. Perfect for Companies.

to see but


u$s 50

for Month


u$s 550 Annual


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