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     How I begin?


Guide to begin in Internet


Step 1. It selects a name of domain for your Site of Internet.


What is a domain name?


The first step to establish your presence in Internet is To register a name of Domain. The domain name is the form in which you are going away to identify in Internet, and therefore its selection is very important, since it will directly affect the facility with which your visitors will be able to find your site. We suggested to you you register a domain that is very intuitive for your potential visitors. It proves a domain easy to remember and registers it immediately!


Examples of domains:




It presses here to follow.


             It presses here to follow.


They are Gratuitous. It presses here to follow.



Tips to choose your domain Web.


The ideal in the creation of a domain is to use few letters and numbers that accommodated in certain order fulfill the characteristics of easy retention.

A domain is considered functional when:

What to first a person imagines who will find when entering the website.

What by intuition she keys a user to look for certain products or services.

What one remembers easily and without allowable error.


For it next some qualities are exposed that a domain must have for being functional:


Simplicity: That when pronouncing there is not it necessity to spell it.

Short: It will be simpler to remember of 4 to 12 letters.

To eliminate the redundancy: For example with long domains such as libreriassanjosedemexico.com.mx, where the words “demexico” bring about a cacophony, since .mx identifies it as Mexican. Only in the cases in which auxiliary domains or of endorsement are registered name brand, they could be recommendable east type of domains.

It registers the similars: Once it has found the domain to register, now it comes to do the same with the names that are resembled, in case it is lent to a confusion with other domains.


Why I have to register the domain of my company before as soon as?


Anywhere in the world, hundreds of domain names are registered every day, thus is that while more time happens is less probable that you can find available the domain that you need. If still you have not registered the name of your company, last name or project in Internet, it is important that you do it as rapidly as possible, still if still you are not ready to create your site or if you do not wish customized e-mail with your own name.


Step 2. It selects a plan of Lodging


How I choose the platform?


For those people who are about to enter Internet it can turn out complicated to choose the most suitable platform to provide with accomodations his site. Next we presented some advice to you to facilitate your decision.


Linux platform:


·         If you think to use extensions PHP, data bases MySQL and you glide to have a dynamic webpage, this one is your better option.

·         It considers the plans Personal and Executive to provide with accomodations the website of a personal project.

·         It considers the plans Professional, Zaphir and Diamond to provide with accomodations the website of your business.


How contract my plan of lodging?


Once you have chosen the lodging plan, the best cheap vps hosting plan for you. You do click in the button To contract to begin to the process of the hiring. To contract to a lodging plan Web in Terapower is very simple and your website will be working at moments.


Step 3. It constructs and It publishes your page of Internet


Much people have the false perception that constructing a webpage he is complicated and extremely expensive. This is completely false! Terapower has developed alliances with one long list of designers of Internet who will help you to design the webpage of your business without majors complications and in economic form.


It remembers that to construct your own website it will represent innumerable benefits to him your company by a small initial payment.


If you need help to design your webpage or if you are interested in improving the present functionalities of your site of Internet contact to us here, and with taste we will guide to you.




How To transfer, that is to change my domain to Terapower?


If accounts with a website and you already wish to provide with accomodations it in Terapower you must follow the following steps:


Step 1. Contract a service Web with Terapower.


To contract to a service Web in Terapower is very easy.

You have 2 options to contract:


Hiring in line

Hiring via Contact.


Step 2. It forms the service Web that you have contracted with Terapower


After contracting to a service Web in Terapower, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions and the information necessary to begin to use your service.


If you are not an experienced user we recommended to you to ask for support here, so that one of our representatives offers the necessary support you.


Step 3. It changes your domain to the DNS of Terapower


So that a site can be available in Internet is necessary that the domain that you use (Example: miempresa.com.mx) has registered the direction of the DNS (Domain name server/Servant of Name of Domain/or simply ns) Primary and Secondary of your supplier of lodging.


Therefore, if you have the service of lodging contracted with another supplier you will have to change in the data of your domain the DNS of your present supplier by the DNS of Terapower.


It remembers that the technical contact of the domain is the only person in charge to realise the change. In the majority of the cases, your supplier of lodging is the technical contact of your domain, reason why we recommended you that you solicit to your present supplier realises the change to the DNS of Terapower.


In case your you are registered as technical contact of the domain please realises the change of the DNS of your present supplier to the DNS of Terapower before your recording organization.

Next we sent the information to you of the DNS of Terapower that you must register in the data of your domain:


Primary DNS


Direction IP:                 the one that we inform to him

Name:                       ns1.rollnzoom.com


Secondary DNS


Direction IP:                 the one that we inform to him

Name:                       ns2.rollnzoom.com



We recommended you maintain the service to you with your present supplier of lodging, while delays to that your domain is transferred, this way your e-mail and your website will be working at any moment and you will have a change without interruptions on watch.



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