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ClientExec he is one otherwise powerful, the efficient ones and better developed programs of Management, Administration and Invoicing for Clients of Web hosting. You receive it Free! with its Resellers Plan Extra! This program allows to manage and to give support him to its clients. ClientExec invoices, automates the creation of accounts in the WHM, controls, warns much more and.

Data base Client
ClientExec basically owns one good proven and practical Base of Data-Client. All the other drift smoothly from her. To enter the information its easy, very natural process and intuitive, with many options of customización and growth. Constructed using the powerful and reliable motor of BBDD MySQL, you. simply it will be enchanted by his performance and security.

  • It creates new clients, ve/edita his information, and approves/rejects pending clients.
  • It sees invoices of clients and it selects to plans of hosting and the cycles of invoicing.
  • It sees payment situation and it sends emails of Welcome if the request were approved.


Center of Support
ClientExec includes a system of completely integrated Tickets. The section of general perspective provides a fast access to tickets open, as much as those of the administrators as those of the clients. It has all the characteristics, options and functions that one would hope and demand of a good program of management, and that in addition is easy to use.

  • It owns alert of tickets of support, via email and ICQ.
  • It assigns new tickets to specific members of equipment.
  • It is possible to be seen the day and the exact hour of his emission.
  • It looks for and it filters tickets by field and category.
  • It designs his own groups type of email for tickets.


Administrator of Invoicing
ClientExec offers a complete control to him of the invoicing. Their clients can automatically be invoiced at intervals regular, and/or at certain moment by some task or asked for extra service. Each item can be added to the regular invoice or be emitted in a new one in separated form. All invoice can be reviewed, seen in printed in format pdf, whose generator comes including. Ideal for those clients who need invoices in traditional format for their archives.

  • It observes present, appellants or filed invoices of certain clients.
  • It chooses to send, to mark as payments, to file or to suppress certain invoices.
  • It designs types of invoicing by defect, with descriptions and details.
  • It receives notifications of payment of invoices via email or ICQ.
  • It individualizes his own groups type of invoice and receipt of payment.


For but information about ClientExec, it presses here.                   
It contracts already! and contact to us here to obtain his ClientExec account Free!

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