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Program of Affiliates


It is a Perfect situation of GANAR-GANAR, you. one benefits, the clients also benefit and we. If You have a website and receives visits habitually, she can subscribe to our Program of Affiliates. The subscription is Free, and is very easy to begin. It begins to make money from the first month. In fact there is no limit for the amount of money that you. it can win.

How it works?
When register in the Program of Affiliates of Terapower, you. it will receive a set of Banners and text bonds to locate in his website. When a user clikee in some of these Banners is redirigido to our website, www.rollnzoom.com. Such activity will be registered by the software of our Program of Affiliates. If that one user made some purchase in our website, automatically we will credit a commission to him in its account of affiliate. That simple.

Why to choose Terapower?

Terapower offers Plans of Lodging Web from only u$s 2 per month by 200 Megabyte of space in disc and 3 Gb of monthly transference.
The powerful and reliable servers of Terapower use best hardware: Processors Dual Xeon and rigid disks with RAID, that assures but the high speed and best the defense for their data.
Terapower gives to Support to the live Client the 24 hours of the day, every day of the week, without exception.

Statistics and Reports in Real time!
It enters his Area of Affiliate to any hour of the day, and verifies his sales, the traffic, the state of his account and how his are working banners.

 Details of the Program of Affiliates
 Type of Payment Payment by Sale
 Amounts to pay u$s 10 by each confirmed sale that You generate and 15% of all the commissions of its affiliates to 2º level!
 Liberation of bottoms It is required of a minimum of u$s 50 in the balance of his account.
 Cycle of Payment The payments of realise the first week of the month.
 Vía de Pago Paypal

Guide of 3 simple steps to begin now:

Lea kindly all the Agreement of Affiliates.
Line registers on an account free and has immediate access.
The Text Banner or Bond locates in the pages otherwise traffic of its site.

Subscribe now. And it begins to make money with us today!

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